Mushroom Farm

By: Dawn SRV

Aug 18 2010

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Category: Attitude

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The afternoon rain poured heavily. It’s always like this in tropical climate. Ah! Well! There you go! You’d like to spend your weekend watching some birds but you’re caught in the rain.

My bird guide and I looked at each other and nodded understandingly. No sane bird would come out in this weather. Let’s get back to a good shelter. We got back to our (very) small resort for a thorough shower. After that, I spent my time checking mails and surfing the internet through the resort’s WI-FI, compliment from our hosts. Instead of spending their lives ordinarily like retirees should, the couple came out to start black mushroom farming business as soon as they retired. It must have taken a lot of guts to do that.

After heavy rain in the afternoon stopped, I asked for a farm tour. Our host walked us around. He started his career as an engineer but retired from the position of Marketing Director of a company producing and selling industrial products. Both he and his wife could speak English well. “In fact, I use a lot of engineering knowledge in the farm.” He smiled. I believed so, looking at the sprinkler in the mushroom house and other electric and water system in an easy, efficient version.    

Rose 2

Rain water clinging on the petals.

“Living here, you work seven days a week. But you don’t feel like, ‘Oh! It’s Monday again.’ We grow something to sell, something to eat and something nice to see.” I looked at the blooming roses with rain drops clinging on their petals and understood what he meant.


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