I Asked for Vanilla Sauce

By: Dawn SRV

Sep 13 2010


Category: Attitude

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Looking around the coffee shop decorated in European style, I decided to take a seat at the small table near the window. This place has been redecorated as a coffee shop not very long ago.

A young man came to greet me with a menu. I asked for a black coffee and apple crumble. He eagerly took the order. Then I asked if he had vanilla sauce with his apple crumble. He was quiet for a while and said, “I’ll check.” With that sentence I thought to myself, ‘Oh! My! What am I in for?’ Any way, the place was small and I saw that he went back to search his fridge for a small plastic bag. He turned around and smiled. “Yes, we still have vanilla sauce. I’ll warm it up for you.” Then he went about preparing the order and warming the sauce. Some minutes later he came with the order. “I’m sorry the sauce has been overdone. I had to warm a new portion. But I’ll serve you both.” Well, you don’t find this kind of person very often. Usually people bury their mistake deeply. That afternoon I enjoyed the apple crumble and vanilla sauce even more.

After the coffee, while he was clearing the table I made a comment. “The sauce was nice.” To my surprise he said, “We’ve tried to make it with real vanilla pods. It was an experiment.” With my little knowledge about food ingredients, I told him that a genuine vanilla pod would cost him a fortune. The good ones came from the Caribbean and it required good storage to retain the fragrance. He accepted, “True. When we calculated the cost, we found that the sauce would have to be sold at the same price as the crumble. We tried because we would like our customers to have good things.” I smiled encouragingly and told him, “Apple crumble goes well with vanilla sauce. But I think you’d better go for vanilla flavour instead of real one.” That was one of very few times in my life that I recommended the vendor to reduce the quality of his product.

It’s nice to know that sincere people who try to offer the best to their customers are still around.


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