Art Gallery by the River

By: Dawn SRV

Dec 04 2011

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Category: For the love of the river

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There are some places that you’ve never expected them to be there. Yet, they are.

Ratchburi is a provincial town lying to the west of Bangkok. It’s not the place where you expect to find modern art gallery all that much. The town has once been famous place for ceramic water container which has fewer roles to play in modern Thai homes. Many producers are now out of business. But many still hang in there and make the best out of it. Tao Hong Tai is one of the latter ones. The second generation owner seems to have graduated from abroad, bringing home with him the love of modern art. He bought an old colonial style wooden house, refurbished it and transformed it into café cum gallery. Located next to Ratchburi museum downtown, this house originally belongs to an attorney. It has been converted to bus depot before being sold. The place has now become conserved building, awarded with best restoration practice award.

It is probably one man’s dream to make Ratchburi the town for art. Even if there are many beautiful colonial style buildings nearby, people do not seem to appreciate them all that much.

Situated on the bank of the beautiful curve of Ratchburi River, Tao Hong Tai D’Kunst Café and Gallery offers arts exhibition as well as a nice place to sit, sipping coffee and watching the river flows slowly by. Your coffee and bakery are served in modern art ceramic crockery, of course.

Although you are not all that much into art, the place is still friendly to walk around. It does not have that awesome feeling overpowering you. You can just be comfortable to go up to the second floor, take a few photographs and feel the nice cool breeze from the river.


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