Charity Concert – November 6, 2011

By: Dawn SRV

Dec 05 2011

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Category: Music and Art

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It will be out of fashion indeed if I don’t mention the recent unnatural disastrous flood in Thailand in October 2011. Regardless of the cause, reliefs had come from all over the world. I really appreciate them.

One day in October I heard from a junior friend who was studying in Belgium Conservatory at the time. She wrote me that Thai Students and Alumni in Belgium would organize a charity concert to raise flood relief fund. After the concert, they would transfer the money to the Thai Red Cross without deducting any cost. In her own words she said, “We’d like to do something to help, even if it’s not much.” I told her I would help with the PR among friends who live in Europe. I related the information of that event to friends with eagerness, thinking that if the students have that much public mind I should help them at the best I could.

It turned out to be a successful concert. Many Thai small business entities in Europe helped. I heard that there were some diplomats attending as well. I’m not blogging about the amount of money raised. But their music was beautiful. I would like to share with my readers the music that has come from kind hearted students. Here is the link to Youtube that I’ve received. TSAB Concert November 6, 2011.


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