Ceramic Art Exhibition

By: Dawn SRV

Dec 12 2011

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Category: For the love of the river, Music and Art

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Focal Length:8.36mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The day I was at Tao Hong Tai D’ Kunst Café & Gallery, there happened to be a ceramic art exhibition. It was called ‘Domestic Ware’. Pim Sudhikam – the artist, is fond of wood fired kiln as well as hand thrown porcelain. She inlayed her porcelain crockery into thick rough clay sculpture. Then she fired them in the traditional wood fired kiln in Ratchburi, resulting in ceramic sculptures with different texture details. They are the drastic contrast of shapes and forms between the two kinds of ceramic, like a static balance of two poles.

Natural textures of different details are so charming.

But why does it have to be made in Ratchburi? Here is the answer from the artist. “It is fascinating to work where the material is found. just like having fruits picked from our own garden at home. Clay around the place works well and so beautiful, colourful and unique. It is fresh and energetic to work with.”


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