The Memory of Christmas Past

By: Dawn SRV

Dec 24 2011

Category: Attitude

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Many things happened during two to three months before Christmas last year. I have been asked to perform many tasks for the school alumni association.

Talking about school, what do you think of? You may think of playground bullies, tough teachers, nerds or dumb jerks. School can be a place to form your personality. When people talk about character education, they talk about school – not college education. If you go to a boarding school, normally you tend to have a group of friends for life. You know them inside out. (Or so you think.)

Last year we organized an early Christmas party. A friend came from Washington DC. Many came from nearby towns. It was good fun laughing and talking of good old days in school.   Christmas is the time when you feel the glows of childhood. When you see the presents wrapped and Christmas decorations, it always brings back many warm memories.

Then this certain friend came to the Christmas party with all negative attitudes and aggressive manners in the world. Such language, too! I was shocked at the beginning. Then, without knowing what to do, I tried to recall her manner while we were in school together and remembered there had been a trace of such personality at the time. But it had been expanded so big over the years. After that, my feeling of shock ruined all the joy of getting together that night. I kept asking myself how a person could have developed such negative attitudes when I knew (for sure) that it was not out of the question. As a matter of fact, I was hurt when I see a friend I had known all my life had developed unfavorable personality to a certain degree that I told myself I’d never known the person before. When some of your friend have changed what do you feel?

I spent a year writing this blog, editing and re-writing again and again. It has been such a bitter feeling – losing a friend and having to talk to a stranger. And worse… another Christmas re-union is coming up soon. 


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