The Simply Sacred Concert

By: Dawn SRV

Dec 26 2011

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Category: Music and Art

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Shutter:1/0 sec

The Holy Rosary Church has been founded a little more than a hundred years ago. As a Roman Catholic Church, songs play role in the daily mass and services. This church is situated on the bank of Chao Phya River, as part of the Portuguese community in the early Bangkok. Nowadays, majority of the congregation is Chinese. The building itself is in beautiful Gothic style, having neat interior.

The Rosario church choir has been performing for their Sunday Mass for more than fifty year. Originally, songs used in religious rites were in Latin. But like elsewhere in the world the church has used more local language to enable local people to understand. Many Latin songs have been translated. Kajornsak Kittimathaveenan, the Choral Director of Rosario Choir serves as assistant Conductor of Thai Youth Choir as well. He is working on his Master’s Degree and very keen in choral conducting.

This year he organized a Christmas concert called ‘Simply Sacred’ at the church. The programme comprised sacred songs used in religious rites as well as simple Christmas carols found anywhere, accompanied by the church bell ringing that Holy Rosary Church was proud of. So, it’s a combination of simple and sacred songs, with Kajornsak as the Conductor. Most members of the choral group are members of the Thai Youth Choir. It was one of those concerts where beautiful songs were sung by beautiful voices in a beautiful church.

Old floor tiles


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