Bakewares & Begwares

By: Dawn SRV

Mar 04 2012

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Category: Music and Art

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Focal Length:6.33mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

During the unnatural disastrous flood of 2011, two young ceramic artists were confined to their homes. They spent those days working on their crafts. After the flood, they found that their works of art during the disastrous flood had become quite a collection. So, they organized a joint-exhibition, saying that it was for nothing but the peace of mind.

Pim Sudhikam seemed to have enough time to test mixing different quantity of ash in the glaze of her hand-thrown porcelain. She stuck the slab into the ware and played around with the shapes endlessly.

Pratya Raktabutr on the other hand, spent his time on wall decorating ideas with different types of glaze.

In this exhibition, chefs were asked to prepare a dish that the bake-wares inspired them. It turned out to be quite international, ranging from curried rice to pizza. H-m-m and I noticed that the chef used infrared thermometer to measure oven temperature like in ceramic industry. May be that was what ceramic and culinary art had in common.


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