Asiatique-The Riverfront

By: Dawn SRV

Mar 06 2012

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Category: For the love of the river

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As I stepped on to the wharf, I turn back and watch the boat motoring away. Light from the setting sun glittered in the water. This is the wharf of Bangkok’s new shopping mall – Asiatique-The Riverfront, sitting on the bank of Chao Phraya River. The place was used as warehouse in the last century and was probably one of the very large warehouses in Bangkok, owned by The East Asiatic (Thailand) Public Company.

On the right is the old Siamese flag with white elephant on red background

The name EAC has been familiar in the public as one of the worlds’ shipping line until people seem to forget that it has originally come from Denmark some hundred years ago to trade for teak and other goods. This is probably why the shopping complex raises Danish and original Siamese flags on it river front. It is a remembrance of the old days when the ships have come into port nearby and goods were warehoused at the place. This part is up the Chao Phraya River from the present Bangkok Port where the loading and unloading of cargo are still going on. In the old days, ships could anchor at this place or even further up.

I looked at the wide river and turned around to face at an old office building being renovated into something else. The shopping mall has been partly open. Construction is still going on in the site. When it is all finished, it will be one of the very large shopping complexes in Bangkok with unique colonial style buildings. At present it may be too early to tell if the shopping mall will be a success. One can only admire the effort of the owner who has tried to preserve the history of the site while making a return on asset.


One comment on “Asiatique-The Riverfront”

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