Tchaikovsky & Prangcharoen Concert

It was one of those concerts that I would have regretted missing (and glad I didn’t). I had been so very busy that day trying to submit the work on time that I thought I’d have to skip the entertainment. In the end, the work got done and I was on my way to Music Auditorium of Mahidol University at Salaya Campus well in time. The concert was to be performed by Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra. Guest conductor of the event was Dariusz Mikulski, Ph.D. from Poland. He made every song beautiful.

I’d been looking forward to this event since I’d never heard any new piece from Narong Prangcharoen – the young Thai composer for quite some times. He wrote this piece for Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra and the talented Thai saxophonist – Wisuwat Praksavanich. It’s called ‘The Dawn of Darkness’. One can really feel depressing, listening to the piece. As expected Prangcharoen’s music is always difficult to play and pulls out the best in any musician.

I hadn’t realized that this concert also marked a special occasion in diplomatic relationship between Poland and Thailand. Representative from Polish Embassy gave a speech donating ancient musical instruments to the university’s museum. So, I would like to express my sincere thanks to those who value music education. Followings are donated items.


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