Santa Cruz Church

By: Dawn SRV

Mar 29 2012

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Category: For the love of the river

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In 1767 Ayudhya – the then capital city of Siam fell to invading Burmese troop. Although the central government yielded to invaders and let the enemy rob the whole country, many groups of people did not accept to lose. Among them was an ex-governor of Tak Province. His personal name was Zin. People usually called him Phraya Tak Zin (meaning Lord Zin of Tak Province). He was summoned to help defending the capital but escaped to the eastern province of Chantaburi before Ayudhya fell and returned in a naval fleet to liberate the country a year later. Soldiers in his troop came from many parties including Portuguese combatants.

After liberating the country, he was enthroned as King Taksin and bestowed a reward to the Portuguese in the form of a plot of land for them to settle and build a church. The site is about one kilometer down Chao Phraya River from his palace, on the west bank. Since the royal decree was dated 14th of September, the day of the exaltation of the ‘Holy Cross’ in Catholic liturgy, the church was named Santa Cruz (Holy Cross). This church is considered as a mark of the 700 years diplomatic relationship between Thailand and Portugal.

The original wooden church caught fire when the whole settlement was burnt down in 1833. Later, it was rebuilt in Italian style. Craftsmanship was neat. However, the open-sided pier hall by the river was built in colonial style. It is typical for Thai house to have a pier hall on the river bank to enjoy river breeze. And this one is beautiful.

Ceiling decorations

Wooden door decoration


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