Tea at Neilson Hays Library

By: Dawn SRV

Jun 27 2012

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Situated on the less busy part of Surawong Road, Neilson Hays Library has offered services to the public for so many years. The library was commissioned to build by Dr. Thomas Hayward Hays in 1921 as a memorial to his deceased wife who had spent about 25 years of her life serving the Bangkok Ladies’ Library Association.
Dr. Thomas Hays was a dentist missionary who help setting up and running the first medical college in Bangkok together with Dr. George B. McFarland (who was conferred the title Phra Ardvidhyakom from the Thai Government). The college is now known as Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University. His wife Mrs. Jennie Neilson Hays was a resourceful person contributing to the library.
The library has been offering service to many members until now. It is also a nice green space in the middle of concrete blocks and busy roads. In this compound, people can enjoy freshly made food at the café, prepared by chefs from the adjacent British Club. It’s a nice place to just select a book and relax while sipping a cup of tea in the bright airy atmosphere. It’s even more pleasant to have minced pie with your tea.


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