The Debut of a Song in an Art Exhibition

By: Dawn SRV

Aug 06 2012

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Category: Music and Art

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Focal Length:10.93mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

What would you feel, listening to live music while watching an artist paints?
Many people were enchanted when Nukoon Panyadee dragged his trowel on the canvas while listening to sweet flute sound, live from Charunee Hongcharu during the opening ceremony of his art exhibition.
Nukoon has been known for his water colour skill for a long time. In this single exhibition “Line/Sign/Sound”, he applied water colour technique to oil painting. He chose music as the muse and the paintings gave a different feeling. “It stemmed from my observation of beauty that lies in the shape or form of musical instruments,” said Nukoon.
From the end of August to early September 2012, “Siam Mission” – another great musical play is due to be on stage. Everything in the play is done from scratch. So, it is hard work for the whole team.
While everyone was trying to get the show going, Associate Professor Charunee Hongcharu – the Music Director of this play spent an evening staging a debut of one song in the play. She accepted an invitation to play flute in the opening ceremony of the above mentioned art exhibition “Line/Sign/Sound”. So, she chose to make a debut of her song in that special occasion. It has turned out to be captivating moment for the audience indeed.
Guests as well as news reporters took photographs and videos that evening. I’ve been searching to see if anyone has uploaded the video and found this. Please enjoy.


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