Reaching the World

By: Dawn SRV

Nov 24 2012

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Category: My side of the coin

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It was one of those days that I had a heavy feeling inside when political situation in Thailand had come close to the country being a police state. So as to break away from political situation, I would very much like to go to a choral concert scheduled to be performed by Taipei National University of the Arts Chorus that day. As I dressed up for the evening, the rain poured. Well, so much so for the concert. I was not in the mood to brave the rain all that much. I got back in front of the monitor and skimmed through photo files aimlessly, still thinking about cases like a whole bag of pit-viper snakes found the night before the protest, in the area where government protesters would sit the day after, or, expired tear gas used by the police during the rally.
Then I caught sight of a few photos of a recent event in Bangkok, the first of its kind – poetry reading. The A.P. Writer, Bangkok Metropolitan Authority and Chulalongkorn University jointly organized the event. After an opening by songs from a choral group conducted by Associate Professor Charunee Hongcharu, foreign and Thai poets read their pieces to the audience one by one. The poet from Myanmar explained that poetry from Myanmar usually have meaning between the line because they had been written during the military regime. One Thai poet read his piece, asking for the long gone simple happiness of peace.
That verse has come back to my mind again and again. Where has simple happiness of peace in Thai way of life gone?


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