Above the Cloud

By: Dawn SRV

Jan 04 2013

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Category: Music and Art, My side of the coin

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Normally, I’m not keen on politics all that much. As a matter of fact, I’m more interested in something less boring like tourism, music or art. However, this time politic has an impact on art unexpectedly. A certain TV series has been taken off programme chart because politicians are not amused. Its name in Thai is ‘Nua Mek 2’. Literally translated, it means above the cloud. This word is a usage in Thai language, referring to a high-flier. Updating myself with this piece of news negatively affects me all day because I realize that the freedom of speech has been taken away from our media, not only in the news section but in performing section also. I have found the following passage from a Thai newspaper and included a link to the Thai version here. It explains everything. I just translated the relevant part and ignored the last few paragraphs.

Translated from http://www.naewna.com/entertain/36203
Friday 4th January 2013, 15.09
Abruptly Banned ‘Nua Mek 2’; Political Reasons Says the Play Harms Reconciliation.

Entertainment source informed “Naewna Online” that TV play ‘Nua Mek 2’ will be banned from air tonight; as a result of the meeting between Channel 3 Management and government side politicians. Politicians gave reasons that this TV play had damaged political institution image, created disharmony and harmed the reconciliation atmosphere. So, tonight Channel 3 has to replace it with a new series ‘Power of Desire’, whilst ‘Nua Mek 2’ has to be taken off the programme although the series has not ended yet.

Before this, the high level source from Channel 3 informed Naewna Online that Office of the Prime Minister was in the process of making decision what to do with the series after politicians in this cabinet gave an order for the play to end as soon as possible.

Channel 3 has prepared three options for the said Minister as follows. Choice 1. Shorten the series. Today (Friday 4th Jan 2013) is the last day. Choice 2. The series ends on its planned date on Sunday. There are 3 more shows on Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th. Choice 3. Completely take it off the programme. A new series starts today.

Anyhow, the source said that production cost has been paid to Mr. Chatchai Plengpanich, the producer. So, Channel 3 is the party that incurs a loss. But the producing team will be negatively affected without a doubt.

Channel 3 management is trying to guess which option politician from Office of the Prime Minister will choose. It is expected to be announced not later than 16:00 today. “The Channel would prefer that the series ends on Sunday, which will be perfect. But we cannot do anything much because we have been squeezed until we have not much choice left. All we can do is waiting for the green light from the politician side.” The source said.

Anyway, at present the online network has shared status from the page of “Thipdhida Satdhathip” – Thai number one book writer, expressing her mind on the political intervention of Nua Mek 2 as follows.
“Hell animal. You ban a TV series. Nazi! The series must have hit the nail on the head. I like it because this is the evidence of your evilness. It will ignite social issue from your own filthy hands. Artists who have made this TV series can be proud of themselves. You have more dignity than news reporters because you are like the tip of a spear piercing evil doers until they cannot stand it. Play from the sky shines down strongly, so the demons are restless. Let the demons show their heads and tails. The judgment day is getting nearer.”


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