Wiang Chiangrai Church

Chiangrai is a northern province of Thailand. When Christian missionaries came to this country, many of them went up to work in the north. Christianity has flourished in Northern provinces of Thailand since then. Many evidences of those works can still be seen.

Wiang Chiangrai Church building is one representative of such period. The building has an influence of American country style, made of wood which is available in abundance locally. In 2014, this building will be 100 years old.

Three or four years ago, the management tried to dismantle this building to put up a new one, against opposition of the congregation. They had even removed the cross on the day before dismantling started. Then, to everyone’s surprise, a notification from the government’s Fine Arts Department arrived on the scheduled destruction date that the building was conserved as historical site. To this day, major part of the congregation still believes that this is Providence.






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