Sandwich Design

By: Dawn SRV

Aug 12 2013

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Focal Length:4.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Ah! Well, It isn’t as easy as it sounds. A few years ago I saw something similar to above photo in the internet. I just wonder what the maker uses as spread. The question keeps coming back from time to time. So, I made a sketch of what the shape should look like, specifying the ingredients along the way.
130812-Sandwich Design-02At first, I used tartar sauce as spreading. It was a bit too sour. So, I changed to horseradish sauce. Then it was too hot to bring out the salmon taste. So, I went back to basic sour cream, egg and capers, adding a bit of horseradish taste into it. Somehow, this is acceptable. But I would like to try something different. So, I mix mayonnaise with horseradish, adding in sliced black olive. It came out to my taste than other spreading. The salty flavor of the olive goes well with sourness of mayonnaise and horseradish.
When that part was settled, I turned to work on salad. In the beginning, I thought French dressing should be good because it did not have too many ingredients to distract salmon flavor. But it turned out to be too sour, especially with tartar sauce. I tested sesame dressing as well as many others before ending up with Italian dressing.
Try this sandwich with Chai tea. Spices in the tea will add flavor to it.


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