Huay Kha Kaeng Wildlife Sanctuary

By: Dawn SRV

Sep 16 2013

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Shutter:1/0 sec

A few days ago, there was breaking news about two forest rangers killed and two others seriously injured in the latest fierce gun battle in Tak with a group of tiger hunters.

            The place was a well-known World’s Heritage wildlife sanctuary. It was a place where Seub Nakhasathien – the Thai famous conservationist committed a suicide to call for an attention to protect this piece of land. The above photo was taken from the front porch of his residence, where he shot himself one early September morning.

            More than twenty years after his death, people got to know more about wildlife sanctuary and conservation. Thai scientists learn more about tigers and help them the best they can. But poaching is still going on. During one of my visits, I talked to a group of forest rangers. They said a normal round of patrol was 5 days. But they usually packed food supply to last a few more days, just in case they pick up a trail of the thieves. On that trip I suggested that they use some kind of modern high technology equipment like GPS to outsmart the thieves. But I guess the budget has not been approved by people in the ivory tower.

          How many lives have to be blown away before people realize the value of nature?

Elephant foot print

Elephant foot print

130917 Huay Kha Kaeng-03


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