A Little Note on the Dam

September 2013 must be a busy month for Thai government. Para rubber workers organize a rally to protest on rubber price, asking for government intervention in the same way they do to rice price. Instead of reasoning, it looks like the government opts for using force. To make the matter worse, the Prime Minister says that budget for rice price intervention is automatically renewed at the same amount. She doesn’t have to propose budget to the Parliament again. With this statement, it looks like the government is discriminating against one group of citizens while giving favour to another. It sparks anger in many places.

On top of that, there are bill to borrow 2 trillions, bill to borrow 350,000 million baths for water project and oil and gas price increase causing consumer products price index to rise. Let alone passing the Reconciliation Bill.

So, constructing a dam is trivial comparing to what the government is facing for the time being. The public will not notice that there is another dam about to be built, passing the biased hearing on environment effect easily, if it is not because of an environment community worldwide. We also have to give credit to Sasin Chalermlarp, scientist and conservationist, who is the Executive Secretary of Seub Nakhasathien Foundation. Sasin is not new to this kind of protest. When he was in college, he organized a campaign to stop Nam Jone Dam. This time, he and friends decided to organize a walk for 388 kilometers from Mae Wong National Park to Bangkok, just to raise awareness among the public that Mae Wong Dam will not benefit the country as much as the national park itself.

Mae Wong is the north-western part of Huay Kha Kaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. So, if the forest is destroyed, Huay Kha Kaeng is in danger. That is why I would like to voice my concern in written.  Stop Mae Wong Dam.


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