Sam Chuk Hundred Year Market

By: Dawn SRV

Oct 04 2013

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Category: For the love of the river

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Carved out a part of Thai history, this market dates back about a hundred years when river was the country’s highway. Suphanburi Province was (and still is) fertile land irrigated by Tha Chin River. Rice has been economic crop of the region. When motor boat came in, transportation became easier. Rice traders began to source produce from far away farms. They had to stop their boats and spend the nights. So, markets sprung up along the river to accommodate busy trading. Many of them faded away when roads came in. Sam Chuk Market was almost the same. But the community rejuvenated it by promoting it as a tourist spot with conserved atmosphere.

I think community leaders must be good managers. They still conserve old buildings as much as possible. Shops seem to be neat and clean. They do not offer the same product very much as if they try not to compete with each other. There seems to be enough variety of goods offered. Walk ways are kept clean. I don’t remember hearing loud speakers, which can be a nuisance in any market. Within the community, there is a folk museum where you can browse around and learn about the community’s history.

130929 Sam Chuk-03

Along the same lane where the museum stands, there is a service area where tourists can have a seat. Children from Sam Chuk School play Thai music for passersby. They are quite proficient. I asked for a song and the front three could play it nicely.

All in all, the atmosphere can give you a feeling of what the old day market should be like.

130929 Sam Chuk-06

130929 Sam Chuk-05


130929 Sam Chuk-04

130929 Sam Chuk-08

130929 Sam Chuk-02


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