In the Control Room

By: Dawn SRV

Oct 22 2013

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Category: Attitude, My side of the coin

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If you are in event organizing business, control room is the centre of every minute during the event. From the control room, every step happens. Of course, this is not always true. But when you are in there looking out, it’s always different from when you are in the event.  Every minute of the event has to be neat and entertaining. But the control room has to try to make everything smooth. The sound of stage manager talking to staff here there and everywhere through walkie-talkie sets is common. Control room is a set of condition handed to stage manager without a lot of consideration. Usually, it’s small, ill-equipped and never comfortable. Staff is not your own and doesn’t fully comply.

You can come to the event venue at the appointed time of 7 in the morning only to find that staff has just arrived to clean up the room from rubbish made by the party in the previous evening. Then your stage staff talks to musicians that the event will start at 10 am only to find that sound check is still going on. At 10.15 control staff just realized that they have a set of walkie-talkie to communicate, instead of climbing down to talk to others. Guests start coming in and sound check has just finished at 10:30. You asked the live band to make music so as to eliminate dead air. Then you find that musicians have not been dressed. One of them even went to the restroom. Oh! The control room staff is not sure if you’ve really asked to use follow light because they haven’t received an order in their job sheet and so on.

Come to think of it, every one of us has a control room with similar conditions somewhere in mind. You need to look smooth and sedate. Somehow, there’s uncontrollable chaos inside. Yet, you have to keep going. Life is a matter of organizing the small control room in your mind to perform large function without hiccups.

131020 Control room-01

131020 Control room-03


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