An Afternoon with Protesters

By: Dawn SRV

Dec 25 2013

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Focal Length:4.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A cool December Sunday afternoon of 2013 saw another rally in Bangkok. People had organized a rally since the end of October. Since then, the organizer had called for 3 mass rallies. One on the 24th of November, they successfully called for a crowd of 1 million. On the 9th of December, they called for mass mobilization around Bangkok drawing a large crowd. BBC reported 5.7 million according to their calculation. CNN reported 5 million. Later, both news agencies changed the figure to 150,000 people according to the government’s report. No doubt, people laughed at the official figure, BBC and CNN. The three of them just made a fool of themselves.

So, on the 22nd December the organizer called for half a day rally at 5 sites in Bangkok. This time they were equipped with 30 cameras, 10 drones and 1 helicopter to report the figures and situation. Official figure came out like 80 people in one area, 50 people in another and so on. However, I was there and personally took these photographs. I just wonder why the government has reported such absurd figures.

It was a good outing to spend the day. I’ve never seen such a friendly protesting crowd like this before. Readers who are not familiar with political situation in Thailand, can find the reason for protest in the following blog. 

131222 Protest-02

131222 Protest-03

131222 Protest-04

131222 Protest-05

131222 Protest-06

131222 Protest-07

131222 Protest-08

131222 Protest-09


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