By: Dawn SRV

Jan 25 2014

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Category: My side of the coin

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I sat quietly on the balcony, gazing aimlessly at the skyline, trying to reflect the conversation I had with a certain friend.

Working in an NGO is not all that easy. There are hidden codes of conducts. This is the same as other professions. If you are an NGO worker you’re not supposed to take political stand to the extreme. That is easily understood because you have to look after the organization’s goal first.

But the story of this friend is interesting. He has been working with an NGO to provide training on a certain issue. The programme is funded by a foreign NGO. As a current subject, a massive protest is going on in Bangkok. It has been widely debated and is the talk of the town among Thai people around the world. Protesters want reform more than election and westerners do not understand that very well. Explanations in foreign language are being made almost every day to communicate with the world. Later, some foreign presses picked up the essence of it and do their own investigation. They wrote about it and reported the news.  So, my friend re-tweeted news from newspapers on the twitter wall of his organization. His foreign sponsor saw the headline and immediately told him nicely that some big shots in the head office might not like the re-tweeted news very much. That conversation caused him to delete the tweet.

When we talked, his first reaction was a real strong feeling that his right was being intruded. After a conversation I pointed out to him that the twitter account did not belong to him, it belonged to the organization. So, he’d better keep cool. He accepted my logic and thanked me.

But I still linger on with the thought. I knew well why the headline has become an issue – wordings used are probably not what everyone wants to hear (no matter how true it is).


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