Pretty Pretty Wonderland – Don’t Call Me Jaiko

By: Dawn SRV

Feb 09 2014

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Category: Attitude, My side of the coin

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A cartoon character in one series (called Jaiko) does not like her part very much because she has always been given minor role. She is obese and not beautiful as the leading character. She has so wanted to go to ‘Pretty Pretty Wonderland’ cartoon festival. But the producer let only the leading characters go. Lately, she has been given less and less role. So, she has resigned from one story, underwent plastic surgery and has been hired by another story through the influence of the plastic surgeon.

In this new story her inaugural show is planned at ‘Pretty Pretty Wonderland’ the cartoon festival she has so longed to attend. There, the past has come back to her. She met the leading characters in the old story who could not even recall that she has existed. Jaiko was hurt by this moment of truth. Then, just before the show began, her teammate in the new story decided to resign. Instead of being the fourth character, she has to replace the leaving teammate and has become famous from this story under other character’s name. So, she has decided to have another plastic surgery making her body look more similar to the character she has replaced.

Before the operation, she reflects her thoughts on the original character she has been created and felt that she is not sorry at all to leave it behind.

How many people are prepared to forgo their origin for material success? I reflected this sentence repeatedly when I walked out of the theatre. I thought of politicians who had been fighting as communist insurgents many years ago. Now they have become high and mighty Ministers, forgotten their ideology and do not care about the farmers who have been the reason for their fight in the past. Some protest leaders working for capitalism-backed regime have been awarded ministerial posts after they set fire on Bangkok a few years ago. Capitalism has taken over their souls completely, leaving no trace of bonding with the underprivileged to be seen. Sad to say, there are many Jaiko in our society.


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