Doi Phu Kha’s Big Five

By: Dawn SRV

Mar 18 2014

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Category: For the love of the river

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Doi Phu Kha National Park is the habitat for Chompoo Phukha (Bretchneidera sinensis). Distribution area for this type of tree is very small. It is found in the south of China, Vietnam and on Doi Phu Kha in Nan Province of Thailand only. During Chompoo Phukha blossom season, hotels in Pua District as well as the national park’s lodgings are usually full. This year though, park ranger says that temperature warms up quickly after the bloom. So, the leaves grow quicker than they should.
140318 ChompooPhuka-05
140318 ChompooPhuka-04
Apart from Chompoo Phukha, this National Park is also famous for orchid tree (Bauhinai variegata). During the same season, you can also see a mountain of orchid tree blossom.
140318 Bauhinia variegata-01
140318 Bauhinia variegata-05
Thailand mountain palm (Caryota obtuse) is also special to Doi Phu Kha as well. This palm can be very tall with large leaves. The look of it reminds me of Jurassic Park. As a matter of fact, Doi Phu Kha seems to be ancient forest. There is a nature trail that you can take a walk and observe, with the help of local guide.
140318 Phukha -13 Giant fishtail palm-Caryota obtusa
Another plant special to Doi Phu Kha is local maple Acer wilsonii Rehder Sapindaceae. I am not sure if it is from the same family as maple or not. But the leaves are red when young and turn red again when old.
140318 Phukha -17 Acer wilsonii Rehder Sapindaceae
140318 Phukha -04
Last but not least, Mahonia nepalensis is also difficult to find.
140318 Phukha -14
These are five plants that you do not want to miss during your Phu Kha visit.


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