Leisure Walk along the River Bank

By: Dawn SRV

Jan 02 2015

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Category: For the love of the river

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Shutter:1/0 sec

On the bank of Chao Phraya River, from Som Det Phra Pin Klao Bridge to Santichai Prakan Public Park, there is a walk way along the river bank. I went there during the New Year holiday.

It was a short walk – less than one kilometer. So, it did not take long to complete. However, I stopped by to take photographs of the river and enjoyed scenery in a cool breeze. Doing just that is already a treat. But while sipping a cup of coffee in one coffee shop, I saw a train of cargo barges. This kind of barge is tugged up and down the river by a tugboat. Some years ago, it was the most efficient way of domestic transport. Although it is still the most cost effective method, people go for lorry or railway nowadays. Seeing tugboat and cargo barges like this is like meeting a long lost friend.

150102 Leisure-02

150102 Leisure-03


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