Coin Museum

By: Dawn SRV

Jan 16 2015

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Category: For the love of the river, Music and Art

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The Treasury Department of Thailand has converted one of its buildings into Coin Museum. It is a modern type of museum with visitor interaction. Before you enter the permanent exhibition, there is a gimmick for children to play with. If you hold a white paper over some coins, there are moving pictures to show the history of that particular coin. There is a part in the brochure that you can use for that purpose.

In the permanent exhibition room, the four dimension animation informing history of coins is interesting. Visitors are seated on a stone around a mocked campfire that really produces smokes and dancing flame. Story is told on the cave wall. Then you move on to see collection of old coins from many countries.

There is one permanent exhibition room about the history of Thai coins. Foreign coins are also displayed, so visitors know what kind of story other countries tell in their coins.

The museum designer has done the job well, trying to bring out enthusiasm in coins. Even the brochure is specially designed so that you can fold it into coin bag. It is really worth a visit.

150115 CoinMuseum-04

150115 CoinMuseum-05

150115 CoinMuseum-06

150115 CoinMuseum-07


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