The Overture – The Musicals

By: Dawn SRV

Apr 06 2015

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Category: Music and Art

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In 2015, there is a new theatre being opened in Bangkok. K Bank Siam Pic Ganesha is well equipped with modernized technology, although the name is a bit long. The first show is ‘The Overture – The Musicals’.

The overture in Thai music is the same as in western music. It is usually played at the beginning of a concert.  That is probably why they use this musical as the first show of the theatre. Many years ago, the movie ‘The Overture’ has been produced.  It was a biography of a well known Thai musician. The story told how Sorn made his reputation at the beginning of his career as ranaad player. In his mid-life, he was open-minded to accept that his son is a pianist, playing western instrument. They even played the song using piano and ranaad together. But towards the end of his life during the Second World War, situation in Thailand has changed. The government thought that civilization was about eliminating old way of life. So, they announced strict guidelines of lifestyle. The citizen had to forego chewing betel nuts, listening to traditional music and so on. Maestro Sorn disagreed with the rules and had to endure humiliation. But he stood tall to defend Thai music which had been the love of his life.

When the story is made as the musicals, it has to be considered a real brave attempt because there are a few impressive scenes in the movie that can be difficult to produce as a play. But production team has made it equally impressive. Here is the links to Theme song of this musicals and Thai instrument

150404 Overture-01


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