Nam Mead Model

Nan is a special province because there is a river originating from about 24 tributaries within the province. This river is called Nan River which contributes 40% of water to Chao Phraya River. So, it is necessary to have good management on water source.

In around 2003, the rich head water shed forest of Mead stream (Nam Mead) had been invaded by Lua hill-tribe to make a maize field. Danger signal loomed up when Bundit Chimchart had been posted as Head of Nam Mead Water Shed Management Unit. He had used a lot of mass psychology to communicate with 38 households to make the villagers understand the importance of head water shed forest. At the same time, he obtained expense budget from the provincial office to use heavy machines to help making terrace field for cultivation. Each household was allotted 5 rais (8,000 sq.m.) of land to farm.

Later, with help from Preecha Wutthikarn of Hongsa Power Company as part of its CSR programme, 32 check dams have been built to make irrigation system, distributing water to each farm plot. When they have water, after the rice farming season, villagers can plant other crops. At present, they are busy in their farms until they do not have time to clear the forest to plant maize any more. They still preserve their tribal way of life. At present, Nam Mead Water Shed Management Unit has retrieved 4,000 rais (1 rai = 1,600 sq.m.) of forest land. In cooperation with villagers from 15 villages in 2 sub-districts, the Management Unit has set up Conserving Right Nan River Bank Association to take care of 78,000 rais of forest. When there is forest fire, villagers will help putting it out because they think that it is their forest – the community forest. Preecha and Bundit try to add sustenance factor to the project by setting up ‘Conserving Head Watershed Forest Youth Group’. Those youths have never known where the water from them runs to. He organized an activity called ‘Water source – end of the river – same heart’, taking the youths to visit the end of the river. There, they met new friends who were ‘End of Chao Phraya Home Conserving Youth Group’. This group of youths was the same. They had never known where the water came from. When they had an opportunity to visit the water source, they understood the birth of the river better. Both groups help to conserve water source as well as end of the river.

Nam Mead Model – sustainable development model.

150514 Nam Mead-02


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