About For the Love of the River

Focal Length:17.3mm
Camera:FinePix4700 ZOOM

I was born and bred in the central part of Thailand. Many years ago in this part of the world, people’s way of life revolved around the rivers and waterways. People had commuted by boats long before the first road was built. Wide, slowly flowing rivers are the normal sight no matter which way you look.

River was the source of water for farming as well as source of food. There has been an old saying, “Fish in the water, rice in the field.” I was born in time to hear old folks tell stories about how fertile the land was. In other word, river was our backyard. So, while farmers in the old days waited for their rice to grow they had time to sit leisurely by the stream and produced some work of arts – in the form of literature, music, dancing, crafting or painting.

Nowadays, the above has changed. Although there may be something other than rivers noteworthy now and then; basically, I blog this category just to note down my love for the river as the tide ebbs and rises.


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